DIEP Flap Recovery

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Recovery from the DIEP flap procedure is shorter and less painful as compared to similar procedures and most patients will be able to return to their normal activities within six to twelve weeks.

The first post-surgical night is usually spent in the intensive care unit (ICU), after which patients are transferred to the surgical hospital floor where they will recuperate on average for three or four days before being discharged. The reason for the lengthy stay is to monitor for infection and to facilitate careful monitoring of the transplanted tissues and blood vessels to ensure that adequate blood is circulating and feeding the tissue. In the event of inadequate blood supply, Dr. Orseck can quickly intervene and perform surgery on the affected blood vessels.

In the weeks and months that follow, any scarring, tenderness and redness will diminish. The new breast will look very much like your natural breast, but you will not feel the same sensations as with a natural breast.

Dr. Orseck will be happy to consult with you concerning your best options for breast reconstruction.