DIEP Flap Surgery

Dr. Orseck is pleased to offer the DIEP Flap (Deep Inferior Epigastric Artery Perforator) procedure to his patients. DIEP Flap surgery is the most advanced breast reconstruction procedure available today and as opposed to previously used procedures, this procedure leaves all of the patient’s abdominal muscles intact, using only available skin and fat (the “flap”) for breast reconstruction. Using your own tissue for your breast reconstruction gives you a soft, warm, permanent result, without the issues related to breast implants. Yes, there is a longer hospital stay, but in the long run, the results are permanent, and you get a flat, tight tummy as well!  Remember, only a few plastic surgeons perform DIEP flap. If your surgeon doesn't, make sure he/she offers a referral to one that does. Many plastic surgeons who don't perform DIEP flaps wont even offer it as an option which is malpractice!

See what our patients have to say...

"Dr. Orseck has restored my femininity I had implants placed by another doctor that became hard as rocks,  Dr. Orseck removed them and performed DIEP flaps. My breasts are soft and natural with no more pain!"
- Cheryl S.

"I highly recommend Dr. Orseck. I can't thank him, and his entire staff, enough for being so helpful and professional. I am more than happy with my results!"
- Rachel B.

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Benefits of the DIEP Flap Surgery

  • Reconstructed breasts with DIEP flaps are warm, soft and natural. Sensation restoring surgery is also possible.
  • A flat, tight tummy, much like a tummy tuck is performed at the same time.
  • The rectus abdominis muscle in the abdomen is left intact, which reduces post-surgical pain and complications that pose higher risks as in other procedures
  • Shortened recovery time and fewer long term effects than traditional TRAM flaps (Dr. Orseck no longer performs TRAM flaps due to the destructive nature)

DIEP Flap Surgery Overview

DIEP flap surgery is a method of breast reconstruction where one's own skin and fat from the tummy area are used to restore the appearance of the breasts after the treatment for breast cancer. Even patients who are dissatisfied with their current reconstruction can be improved by DIEP flaps. Additionally, prior or future radiation does not prohibit one from getting a DIEP flap. In fact, a DIEP flap is the gold standard procedure when considering radiation!

During the surgery, an incision is made across the abdomen to reveal the underlying tissues. Tissues along with blood vessels are carefully harvested and prepared for relocation to the breast area. The abdominal incision is then closed, the flap tissue is relocated to the breast site and the blood vessels are reattached using microsurgery to return blood flow to the new breast. The newly-reconstructed breast is attached to the chest wall. After the incision is closed, sterile dressings are applied. After surgery, the blood flow to the new breast is carefully monitored with a specialized device.

In the event that a woman is not a candidate for the DIEP Flap surgery, a flap from the thigh (PAP) or buttock (GAP) may be used. Additionally, an alternative procedure called the tissue expander method which uses a saline implant which is then converted to a silicone implant is an option.

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